Evaluation of Freemot Ford’s Facebook Managment By Digital Air Strike

This is just one more reason to manage all of your social media in-house. Keep it local and keep it relevant. A ‘social media’ vendor can’t do that since they don’t have the connection locally and with the dealership.


Are You on the Bleeding Edge?

Bleeding EdgeDo you want to be on the cutting edge or the bleeding edge? There is a fine line here and it all depends on how aggressive you want to be.  There have been a lot of new products out there in the automotive world that seem to be taking shape and showing success with the results.

The reason this is being brought up is a friend of mine outside of the automotive industry has opened a hair boutique.  She has sculpted her business different than any others and has taken a huge risk and it is paying off and she is seeing great success.  She is now frustrated that a previous employee is taking the same business model that she has and is starting to see results.  I let her know that she is a leader and an innovator and not to let that get her down.  She just has to keep on going and doing her thing and worry about her own success.  When you see others copy what you are doing, you know that you are doing the right things and having success.

Now we are seeing companies copy off each other in the industry with different product and services.  There are several gift card offer companies, several chat companies, and now website companies are starting to copy off each other with what they can and can’t do.  But there was always that first one that tested the waters and are seeing the most success.  The key is to stay innovative and not let your product or service get stale.

This comes down to the sales process as well within our stores.  What are you doing different than all of your competition to set yourself apart?  Is it the showroom sales process, the internet process, advertising?

With customers only visiting 2 stores if you are lucky, you have to stand out and be a leader.  The question is are you on the cutting edge or the bleeding edge?